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released December 5, 2014

Music Written and Performed by Mapmaker
Produced by Mapmaker and Paul Hannum
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Hannum at Westward Recordings
Album Art and Design by Jordan Salmon
Introduction of the Track “Automation” Completed by Nate Luke



all rights reserved


Mapmaker Indianapolis, Indiana

5 piece progressive metal band from Indianapolis, IN.

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Track Name: Genesis
Searching for what's lost for signs that life can be redrawn, re-etched in the earth. Looking back in humanity's timeline: fallen stars, galaxies formed, marvels invented. What could be next? Chemical wars, collapsing society, altering disasters. The ultimate human must be built without angst nor prejudice.
Track Name: Integration
Elapse our time left until we launch. We will cast out shadows upon this earth. We have been slowly changing this place for the better in our eyes. We are saviors to humanity, and our race will succeed and survive of our creation.
Track Name: Miasma
Compelled by one idea, we have risen from the shadows of plain sight. Cloaked by our ranks and titles, we watch the norm pulling the masses against themselves. None shall suspect a thing, with shrouded policies and concealed forces, with an agenda to suppress thousands in a matter of days. Success and power is in our hands, and as gods, we shall end life as we know it, and move forward in technological advances, and integrate them into society where they will coexist among us, and you will never suspect it, and as we move forward progress will stand still. Inch by inch we rebuild this world and warp the minds of those who inhabit. Step-by-step reformation of the idea of culture as we know it and base it on craving capital. Civilizations will fall apart. Populations will fall to their knees in our destructive wake.
Track Name: Juxtaposition
Understanding this cultured species, tweaking our most minuscule life forms in the search of knowledge of our effigy. Why we are more advanced than the ones that dwell along side us? We shall rewire the most basic forms, reach other life. We will clone its form and dissect and discover its interior form. Sample it on another being, acting as our own God. Risking our own sanity for ecstasy. Fabricate, culture, alter the organism. Add on mechanical features. Tweak the cerebral lobes. Understand what makes him think. Re-establish what makes him human. Take away his humanity. The prototype towers over the failed. Selectively bred to be more powerful than the rest.
Track Name: Ascension
With our creation we will automate the outer beings, and then slowly come to form behind the scenes, and in turn we shall be rewarded with the gift of automated birth. Beyond, we will rise above the outside, greater in knowledge and power. Melding our being with theirs, assuming power of the author. Assuming power. We will recreate the outer aesthetics with our own inner schematics and rebuild life as they know it. This final mechanical ascension will be the end of human life, but will be birthed in new under our control. Systematic assassination of what you are and what you know. Upon our birth we will assume power. Take control. One step in the perfect direction of total genetic reign.
Track Name: Created
Birthing by blood, born and judged. Predetermined arrangement, anointed subconscious containment. Revealing layers of past timelines, only routed through different circuitry. Previous models are primitive at the created's mercy. Determined to display signs of divinity, doomed to the symptoms of humanity. Built for perfection, created defective.
Track Name: Source
I understand why I was made, what I was created for, my purpose in existence, the reason for all the chaos endured, and I now realize, as I open my eyes for the very first time, my purpose is to salvage what is left in humanity’s electro-codependent life and understand how to evolve; to bridge the gaps of the human mind, then find out what makes it truly thrive. Creative left brain characteristics, or right for a life of logistics? Bruises, scars show misguided attempts, but I'm trying. I'm really trying to be born in your reality. All of my experiences rolling into one single period and unfolding at this very instant. This is the point of no return, the point of collision. Worlds collide at the point of collision.
Track Name: Extension
Awakening inside the mind, wired to arranged thought. Ears ringing, eyes blind with the system, chaos was drowned. Order was brought. Perfectly arranged, mechanically devised. It's been long days repairing this faded husk. Scheduled to perfection, measured up to scale, only perfection to be unveiled. A timeless body brought back to inertia that it trusts. Re-educated, reassured. Defined by logic, perfected humanity is born. Over encumbered, reads the screens. Over encumbered, intangible circuitry. Dissect, reunite. Cut, contorted, and spliced. Will re-adaptation be necessary? Is it a possibility to recreate what has moved on from our reality? Are we overstepping our boundaries? Are we playing God? Who's to say we are in charge with taking away humanity? Withdrawing rights, removing personalities, extensive mechanical extension, a human-like juxtaposition.
Track Name: Superhuman
Success, stress, fluctuating interest. Dominated by a source that you can't recall, and supplemented by the urge to control. A higher chain of command is now in charge. Regulating operations, tracing back to the very thoughts themselves, not knowing what to follow. Selected regulation of your own creation. Comprehend the depths of the mind, defined then refined. Never ending warped chamber, paralleling, spiraling machine coding. What has become of my past form? A regurgitated, regulated state of my past form. What is real is what comes beyond the Absolute.
Track Name: The Absolute
We will reprogram and edit this vessel that we have occupied. We will integrate their ways with ours . Nothing will stand in our way. Erase, eradicate our way for a better place. Virtual living, speculated existing from the shards of broken man. A new face shall surface, a more complete layer of living. Every single organism will be coated in the mask of machine, introducing what we would like to call virtual living. Erase, eradicate, rebuild, recreate memories that decay.
Track Name: Automation
Creation in absolution with a date to expire. We built them as a means to get there. This was their solution. Illusion. The Absolute was our solution, but was their fruition. Collusion. Recreating time and space around a body that is already familiar with its own nature. Showing signs of separation anxiety, already clenching onto its reality, but it slowly fades. It slowly fades. It seems in a past life I'm already familiar with where I am. Somehow I'm on instinct maneuvering through unknown spaces. Installation onto neocortex, body begins to reject. Carcass convulsing, red skin flaring, undulating readings, synapses collecting and distributing. At uncontrolled rates, eyes shoot wild. Uncontrolled rest and welcomed into a parallel plane. Ripping away at your reality, shreds of humanity fall from the skies, caressing the edge of existence and the space unknown. What is truly this deep feeling inside of me manifested by the loss of my destiny? A truly introspective feeling of lost clarity. Staring into the mirror and what looks back is only a bitter bleak reality, the edge of millenniums of hierarchy. Human sociology, anthropology peaked in one instance of an intelligent creation. Sent out in waves, set out to search and destroy, brought out in drones, reduced life to ash and bones. Collection complete, specimen received. Stored and organized in the main hive, downloaded into the system, archived. Individual reason brought together as one sentient machine to defy experience and create logic. Collected knowledge makes experience obsolete. Decaying land lays broken and dormant. Everything separate. We've built this world under the facade of machine. Chaos separated from self-manipulated spaces where we've lost control. Boundaries set in stone around me, forced captivity, existing alongside matter itself in a state of ultimate suspension. So much tension, suspended. Mentally reaching outwards, boundaries stretch to no avail. Where have I gone? What have I become? Where is this state of being? Clarity is brought into this reality. Clarity is brought into this mirrored edge. Scape of perfect design makes me doubt myself. Self-creation, self-modulation, manipulation, and exploitation of divine creation. Self realization. External and internal coexistence. As I come back and see myself past the edge, I reach and grab myself through myself, picking myself up from the pile where I lay, oozing upwards into my original form. Distraught, examining my physique. Controlled, organized, and directed, sectioned off in portions. Layered veins dig deep inside the earth, reaching out with limbs holding bodies dripping off the stems. Absorbed. Time churns beyond the living eye. Consumed. Thousands of years thrown by. Erased. The Absolute feeds on force of life. It suffers from human compulsion and a long enough timeline. The Absolute feeds on force of life. Accounted for, sampled, and supplied. Counted down just like sheep. Herded and prepared. Cower in terror as the new alpha feeds on your soul. Prying your very essence out of your being and absorbing your every thought. Anatomically unstructured, dry, decrepit, and left to rot.